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Pain in the Adam’s apple can be due to many non-severe reasons such as acid reflux, swollen lymph nodes, and laryngitis. Pain in either side of the Adam’s apple could be cause for concern as it has some more severe possible causes in its list. Conditions such as Epiglottitis or even throat cancer are somewhat rare but possible. The safest method to get rid of the pain is to visit a professional if the pain does not subside within a day or two at most.

If you’ve noticed some pain in your throat, you might be worried, especially since this is a rather fragile body part where you don’t really get much pain. You’d probably be more worried if this pain were isolated to only a side of your throat.

The pain might be sharp or dull, isolated, or throughout your throat, but there are a few possible causes for such pain.

A few of the questions you may have are, what are the possible reasons for this pain? Does it mean something when it hurts only in my right side of the Adam’s apple? Could it just be a simple sore throat? Or could it be a sign of something worse? Can it be related to my thyroid conditions?

Table of Contents

  • The key causes of Adam’s Apple pain
  • Can pain in my Adam’s Apple be related to Thyroid Issues?
  • The best course of action
  • FAQs
    • What is on either side of the Adam’s apple?
    • Can thyroid nodules cause pain in your throat and ears?
    • How long does Adam’s apple pain last?
  • Conclusion
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The key causes of Adam’s Apple pain

Pain On Right Side Of Adam's Apple (What Does It Mean?) - The Heart And Brain (1)

If the pain you feel in the side of your Adam’s apple is only when swallowing, or feels worse when swallowing, then the below causes can be the reason for this pain.

  1. Acid Reflux – If you’re feeling a burning sensation near your Adam’s apple, it could be acid reflux. This can be remedied by changing your diet to be a bit healthier. Ear pain accompanied by pain in the Adam’s apple is a good sign of acid reflux.
  2. Swollen Lymph Nodes – If the pain in your Adam’s apple is duller and feels more like its coming from your throat, then it could be a swollen lymph node due to a virus or a bacterial infection.
  3. Laryngitis – If the Adam’s apple pain is accompanied with a change in voice and some discomfort, it could be laryngitis. This could again be due to a bacterial infection or a virus but the good news is that it should cure itself within a week or so.
  4. EpiglottitisEpiglottitis is more severe cause when compared to the other causes listed above. It can cause a sharp pain towards the right, left, and center of the throat and Adam’s apple. It happens when your throat flap is damaged and is often accompanied with a fever and noises when breathing. This required immediate attention from a professional so visiting your doctor should be your number one priority.
  5. Glossopharyngeal Neuralgia – If the pain is only on the right or left side of your Adam’s apple, and after swallowing, it could be due to glossopharyngeal neuralgia. This is a somewhat rare condition which causes sharp nerve pain for weeks on end.
  6. Throat Cancer – The worst of all the above, this curse is often accompanied by a lump in the neck, to the side of your Adam’s apple at times, causing one sided pain.

The below table should help you get a better understanding of what ails you.

Probable CausesOther SymptomsBest course of action
Acid RefluxEar pain, indigestion, and a burning sensation in your throatA change in diet can do wonders in the long term. But a quick fix would be getting some over-the-counter medication to decrease the acidity of your stomach.
Swollen Lymph NodesDiscomfort swallowing, dull achePrescribed medications are always an option but applying a warm compress can help reduce the pain if you want to wait it out and let your body fight off the virus by itself.
LaryngitisChanges to voice, dull acheThis can go away on its own, but why take the risk. Antibiotics can go a long way in helping you recover faster. Make sure you drink lots of water to keep your throat warm.
EpiglottitisSharp pain, fever, changes to voiceYour doctor will prescribe the treatment for this, but usually, it involves opening your airway to treat the infection.
Glossopharyngeal NeuralgiaSevere pain when swallowing.Depending on the severity, the cure can be prescription medications or surgery. So it’s best to let your doctor decide.
Throat Cancerearache, lump in your neckThe treatment can vary from surgery, chemotherapy, and medications.

Can pain in my Adam’s Apple be related to Thyroid Issues?

If you’ve previously had thyroid-related health issues, you might be wondering if the pain radiating from the side of your Adam’s apple could be a symptom. In some instances, this can be the case, especially if you’ve noticed a goiter in the area.

Goiter is a condition that causes your thyroid gland to grow. It also produces thyroxine and other hormones that play important roles in your bodily functions.

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Goiters can occur when your thyroid gland doesn’t make enough hormones due to a lack of iodine and can sometimes be hereditary.

If the pain on the side of your Adam’s apple is accompanied by a swelling in the area, a tightness in your throat, dizziness when your arms are raised above the head, changes in your voice, and difficulty breathing, you might want to get your thyroid checked.

Here are some steps you can follow to find your thyroid gland.

  1. Slide your fingers downwards from your chin.
  2. The first solid spot you feel should be your thyroid cartilage, which leads to your Adam’s apple. It should be very noticeable in men.
  3. The next area should be more cartilage and then your thyroid isthmus,

Using these steps, you can clearly identify if the pain is actually coming from your thyroid or Adam’s apple.

It can also help if you do the following while checking for the area of pain:

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  1. Stand in front of a mirror when feeling your throat
  2. Look upwards
  3. Relax your neck

The best course of action

Now that we’ve gone through a vast majority of the reasons that could be causing your Adam’s apple pain, it’s clear that some causes can be quite serious while others could cure themselves.

Looking at the list, though, it’s always best to take this pain seriously and get it checked out. If the pain reduces within a day or two, or if the symptoms correspond with a less severe diagnosis, you could, of course, try a home remedy or two till the problem solves itself.

But if even a hint of doubt remains that the problem could be more than a simple case of laryngitis or acid reflux, it is best to consult a professional.


What is on either side of the Adam’s apple?

With your thyroid gland right below your Adam’s apple, there is only muscle on either side of your Adam’s apple. As you know now, swelling here can mean many things.

Can thyroid nodules cause pain in your throat and ears?

Thyroid nodules can cause neck, jaw, and ear pain but quite rarely. It is more likely that this pain is caused by acid reflux or a similar problem.

How long does Adam’s apple pain last?

If the pain is in your Adam’s apple and not to the side, that’s actually a good sign. The pain is mostly non-serious and due to Laryngitis.

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Let’s be honest. Pain in your throat is quite scary. Especially if you’re finding it hard to breathe. But when it comes to pain related to your throat, the pain to the side of the throat can be much worse. If you’re feeling pain to the side of your Adam, the reasons can vary from laryngitis to much more severe conditions.

The right side of the Adam’s apple is muscle. So it could be a simple sprain but if the pain does not subside, or if you notice a lump, it’s best to get it checked out as soon as possible. Looking at the probable reasons, you’d feel much better after ruling out some of the worse diagnoses.


Why does my Adam's apple and chest hurt? ›

If you have pain outside of your throat or while swallowing, especially in Adam's apple, it can be due to the following causes: Acute thyroiditis. Inflammation of the epiglottis. Candida esophagitis.

Why does my throat hurt on my right side? ›

Many things can cause a sore throat on one side, even if you don't have tonsils. These include postnasal drip, canker sores, tooth infections, and other conditions. You might only have throat pain, or you might have additional symptoms, such as an earache.

Why does my neck hurt beside my Adam's apple? ›

Pain in your neck to the side of your windpipe could be a sign of many minor conditions such as a sore throat, swollen lymph nodes or muscle strains such as whiplash or from bending over and staring at your phone too long. Rarely, pain in the front of your neck beside the windpipe can be a sign of a heart attack.

Why do I feel pressure on my Adam's apple? ›

A goiter is an abnormal enlargement of the thyroid gland — which is in the neck, just below the Adam's apple. Throat tension and tightness is one of the symptoms of a goiter. Other symptoms can include difficulty breathing or swallowing as well as swelling in the front of the throat and neck.

Is it normal for your Adam's apple to hurt? ›

Indeed, many people suffer from muscle pain around the Adam's apple when they sit too long looking at their computer. Jaw pain can also radiate lower into the neck. To rule out muscle tension or tightness, try to stretch your neck in various ways, including looking up at the ceiling and moving your head side to side.

What causes pain between throat and chest? ›

Esophagitis can cause painful, difficult swallowing and chest pain. Many different things can cause esophagitis. Some common causes include stomach acids backing up into the esophagus, infection, oral medicines and allergies.

Why does the right side of my neck hurt when I swallow? ›

Swollen lymph nodes

You have many lymph nodes in your head and neck. If they become swollen, you may experience swallowing discomfort. Swollen lymph nodes can occur if you have a virus or bacterial infection, or even a tooth abscess or another health condition that compromises your immune system.

What is a quincy in the throat? ›

About quinsy

In quinsy, the abscess (a collection of pus) forms between one of your tonsils and the wall of your throat. This can happen when a bacterial infection spreads from an infected tonsil to the surrounding area. Quinsy can occur at any age, but most commonly affects teenagers and young adults.

What gland is swollen on the right side of Adam's apple? ›

Thyroid. Gently pressing the outside of your throat also helps your healthcare provider find a swelling in your thyroid. This is an important gland with most of its flesh off to either side of your Adam's apple. Swelling could mean this key gland is not working correctly.

Where is thyroid neck pain? ›

Thyroid nodules can cause neck pain. Rather, these growths may cause discomfort at the base of the throat. This is where the thyroid gland is located, just under the Adam's apple.

What causes pain beside the neck? ›

Pain in the right or left side of your neck is usually nothing serious. It's often caused by muscle strain, poor sleeping position, or bad posture. If the pain continues for more than a few days, see a doctor for recommendations on medical treatments as well as home-based remedies.

What is right under your Adam's apple? ›

The thyroid is a butterfly-shaped gland located at the base of the neck, just below the Adam's apple. The thyroid produces hormones that regulate heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature and weight.

Can acid reflux make your Adam's apple hurt? ›

The lining of the larynx and the upper throat above the upper esophageal sphincter does not have as strong a protective lining as the esophagus. As a result, when acidic stomach contents are refluxed they cause the larynx to become irritated and inflamed.

What is hyoid syndrome? ›

Hyoid bone syndrome is a type of cervicofacial pain that is caused by degeneration of the greater cornu of the hyoid at the attachment of the stylohyoid ligament.

Why does my right side throat hurt when I yawn? ›

Tonsilitis. Your tonsils are two lymph nodes in the back of your throat. Tonsilitis is an infection of these lymph nodes that usually causes a very sore throat that hurts when swallowing and possibly when yawning. Various viruses can cause tonsillitis, including the same bacteria that causes strep throat.

Why does my throat hurt below my Adam's apple? ›

Throat pain that is persistent with no underlying reason can come from tension to the muscles of the neck. Small muscles that control the hyoid bone or Adam's apple can develop trigger points and be overactive due to changes to jaw and neck motion or injury to these areas.

Is your Adam's apple Your Thyroid? ›

Your Adam's apple consists of thyroid cartilage — the largest of nine cartilages in your larynx. Other parts of your voice box and trachea (windpipe) consist of other types of cartilage, including cricoid cartilage, epiglottic cartilage and arytenoid cartilage.

How do you treat Adam's apple pain? ›

Treatment begins with over-the-counter antacids and lifestyle changes. Medication may be used to reduce stomach acid, and surgery may be done to strengthen the sphincter muscle at the lower end of the esophagus.

How long do heart attacks last? ›

Mild heart attack symptoms might only occur for two to five minutes then stop with rest. A full heart attack with complete blockage lasts much longer, sometimes for more than 20 minutes.

What does an inflamed esophagus feel like? ›

If acid reflux is the cause of esophagitis, the pain may be worse after meals or when you lie flat. Pain from esophagitis may be constant or may come and go. Swallowing problems including worsening of the chest pain when you swallow or a feeling of food sticking in your chest after you swallow.

Can carotid artery cause neck pain on right side? ›

Carotidynia is a rare pain syndrome involving the carotid artery. Its cause isn't known. People with the condition have sudden pain on one side of the neck. The pain occurs over the carotid artery, but can also radiate to the face.

What cancers cause neck pain? ›

Sometimes persistent, continuing neck pain is a warning sign of head or neck cancer. Although it could also be a sign of another less serious condition, head and neck cancers might include a lump, swelling or a sore that doesn't heal.

Why does my neck hurt where my carotid artery is? ›

One of the common causes of pain in the neck is soreness and tenderness of one or both carotid arteries and is related to overdistention, relaxation, and increased pulsation in this vessel. The syndrome of vascular neck pain is closely related to the various forms of extracranial vascular headache.

Can Quincy be fatal? ›

Quinsy can endanger health and even your life if left untreated. This throat condition is often mistaken for tonsillitis but even though it has similar symptoms it is much worse than this. It causes problems with swallowing and in the worse case scenario can result in a condition called aspiration.

What is a hot potato voice? ›

Objectives/hypothesis: "Hot potato voice" (HPV) is a thick, muffled voice caused by pharyngeal or laryngeal diseases characterized by severe upper airway obstruction, including acute epiglottitis and peritonsillitis.

Why does my ear and throat hurt on one side when I swallow? ›

What causes throat and ear pain on one side? Infections like the common cold, strep throat, mono, sinus infections, tooth infections, allergies, TMJ, and acid reflux can all cause pain in the throat and ear.

What does a swollen gland on right side of neck mean? ›

Swollen lymph glands are usually a sign of infection and tend to go down when you recover. However, they can sometimes have a more serious cause and may need to be seen by a doctor. Lymph glands (also called lymph nodes) are pea-sized lumps of tissue that contain white blood cells.

What causes swollen gland on right side of neck? ›

Swollen lymph nodes usually occur as a result of infection from bacteria or viruses. Rarely, swollen lymph nodes are caused by cancer. Your lymph nodes, also called lymph glands, play a vital role in your body's ability to fight off infections.

Why do I have a swollen gland on the right side of my neck? ›

Causes of swollen glands

Swollen glands are: often caused by common illnesses like colds, tonsillitis and ear or throat infections. sometimes caused by viral infections such as glandular fever. rarely caused by anything more serious, like cancer of the blood (leukaemia) or lymph system (lymphoma)

What does cardiac neck pain feel like? ›

“It's often described more as a heaviness than a pain,” said Daniels. “The discomfort commonly radiates to the arm or neck.” But in some women – estimates run as high as half – chest pain may not occur. “Some women may only have neck pain and no chest pain,” said Daniels, who became Garcia's cardiologist in 2013.

When should I worry about neck pain on right side? ›

Call your doctor if you have neck pain that: Worsens in spite of self-care. Persists after several weeks of self-care. Radiates down your arms or legs.

Does your neck hurt when your carotid artery is blocked? ›

Your neck may feel tender in the area of the artery. The pain often goes up the neck to the jaw, ear, or forehead. Some diseases can cause carotidynia. Your doctor will check for those.

What are the symptoms of an inflamed thyroid? ›

The inflamed thyroid gland may release too much thyroid hormone, causing symptoms of hyperthyroidism, including:
  • More frequent bowel movements.
  • Hair loss.
  • Heat intolerance.
  • Irregular (or very light) menstrual periods in women.
  • Mood changes.
  • Nervousness, tremor (shakiness of the hands)
  • Palpitations.
  • Sweating.

How does your body feel when you have thyroid problems? ›

Thyroid disorders can have a noticeable impact on your energy level and mood. Hypothyroidism tends to make people feel tired, sluggish, and depressed. Hyperthyroidism can cause anxiety, problems sleeping, restlessness, and irritability.

What are the signs that you have a cancerous lymph node? ›

  • Painless swelling of lymph nodes in your neck, armpits or groin.
  • Persistent fatigue.
  • Fever.
  • Night sweats.
  • Shortness of breath.
  • Unexplained weight loss.
  • Itchy skin.
Dec 14, 2022

What is Eagle syndrome? ›

Eagle's syndrome is a condition associated with the elongation of the styloid process or calcification of the stylohyoid ligament, clinically characterised by throat and neck pain, radiating into the ear.

What does it mean if your hyoid bone hurts? ›

Conclusion: Hyoid tenderness has previously been reported as an early sign in acute epiglottitis. These results indicate that hyoid bone tenderness may be a useful clinical indicator of various other laryngeal pathologies or dysfunctions.

What are the symptoms of thyroid cartilage syndrome? ›

The most common symptom is point tenderness at the lateral aspect of the hyoid or superior cornu of the thyroid cartilage. Other typical symptoms may include neck and facial pain, throat pain, sensation of foreign body in throat, odynophagia, dysphonia, and obstructive sleep apnea.

Can chest pain affect your throat? ›

The heart attack may feel like fullness, indigestion, a choking feeling or heart burn. Pain or discomfort radiating to the back, neck, jaw, throat, arms or stomach. Extreme weakness, sweating, anxiety, shortness of breath, nausea, vomiting and dizziness.

Can acid reflux cause Adam's apple pain? ›

Upon examination of the throat, the finding of swollen vocal cords raises suspicion of reflux laryngitis. This itself can cause pain below Adam's apple.

Can heart pain be felt in the throat? ›

The following are both common and lesser-known signs and symptoms of a heart attack. Chest pain or discomfort: This can feel painful, but also like pressure, squeezing, fullness, burning, feeling a lump in the throat, a knot in the center of the chest, or an ache.

Where is heart pain located? ›

Chest pain or discomfort.

Most heart attacks involve discomfort in the center or left side of the chest that lasts for more than a few minutes or that goes away and comes back. The discomfort can feel like uncomfortable pressure, squeezing, fullness, or pain.

How do you know if chest pain is muscular or heart? ›

The sore area may also be tender to touch. Where is the pain located? Cardiac • In many people the chest discomfort may radiate to the neck, jaw, arms, shoulders, throat, back, and upper abdominal region. Muscular • It is located anywhere on the body: arms, legs, abdomen, shoulders, chest, back, or neck.

What is right above the Adams apple? ›

Above the Adam's Apple is the hyoid bone, which helps suspend the larynx in the neck. The hyoid bone (top yellow) is connected to the tongue and jaw muscles above and the thyroid cartilage below.

Does thyroid affect Adams apple? ›

One of the first telltale signs of thyroid cancer is the formation of a lump or nodule at the front of your neck and generally under your Adam's apple area.

Is Your thyroid behind your Adam's apple? ›

The thyroid is a butterfly-shaped gland located at the base of the neck, just below the Adam's apple. The thyroid produces hormones that regulate heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature and weight. Thyroid cancer might not cause any symptoms at first.


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